Who They Are

Keeping It Country with a Southern Rock Edge

 Influenced by their Southern Roots, 

Two individuals focus on their mission 

To generate new believers, 

Draw seekers to Christ, 

Allowing those who love Country Music 

The opportunity to experience Ministry 

Through the Genre of Christian Music they enjoy.....

Still Water Creek is an original christian music duo, who began their musical Journey in 2009.  The duo is composed of singer-songwriter Virginia Sepanak and singer-musician John Robinson. Stepping outside the box from mainstream Christian music, Still Water Creek has created a different sound.   Keeping their musical style close to their Southern roots, Still Water Creek combined christian music with a country melody and a southern rock edge.

Still Water Creeks Music demonstrates the importance of salvation and forgiveness. Their lyrics are filled with words of inspiration, love, hope, and faith. Their songs create a story to inspire, transform, and awaken a critical need in the listener’s life..

Most of their songs will get your toes tapping and your spirit dancing, while others may hit home and stir up emotion.

  Their mission is to draw a diverse genre of listeners in order to generate new believers, to eternally impact those who hear their ministry, touching hearts and transforming the lives of thousands.